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5th day of the year and I failed at consistency

tldr: this is one of my rambling posts. It kinda goes on and on.
I was in 2 minds to even hit publish on this because it really does jump about and have no actual flow.
But meh. its probably not the worst post I will do.

I said on the 1st Jan 2017 "I was going to write here every day"
2nd Jan 2017 I rambled on about how "not so many blog still"
3rd Jan 2017 I wrote about using stuffed "toys to promote your business"
4th on the suggestion of Dallan I "wrote about my vaping experience"
5th there is now a day missing because I completely lost 24 hours
and that brings us to today the 6th in the early am which is a kind of second christmas for me and my family because its 3 kings day.

One thing I love about working for myself is that you have the time and freedom to do what you want.

This really is living the dream.

You can go pick the kids from school
Go to the kids school sports days
Build a boat and Sail a boat
Go fishing through the day
Go shopping through the day

Bullshit! What an absolute crock of crap.

I dont know anyone other than some twats with rich parents and trust funds that live that so called life.

My buddy worked in big marketing companys for banks and stuff since he was young.
He had always worked 9 to 5 or more 6am till 10pm because of the commutes due to his high level position.

He kept saying how he had never done anything for himself and he had always been an employee.

See the thing is he went to university and had diplomas and degrees up to his wazoo.
He had a fancy corporate title and a company car.
Give him a 6 million media buy budget and he could spend it.
Give him $100 to spend on ppc and he would screw it up because you need to spend big to make money.

The corporate positions he had were spending large amounts of money on media campaigns where there werent so many direct questions about the return on the spend. It was about setting the budget and spending the budget.
Someone who can talk cpa, cpm. roi , synergy, touching base and other corporate bullshit dosent impress me one bit.
Just because you can write a good presentation and spend hours on documents dosent mean you have good earning potential.
Give someone a domain, $10 and a half broken computer they turn into $50 impresses me.

He said he wanted to be able to go and see his daughters sports day and do other stuff for the day which he could never do when he was in corporate business.

Eventually some shit went down and he got made redundent or something. I dont know the details and I didnt care enough to ask.
So he got a job part working from home and part in an office with a lower wage to allow him to build up his portfolio of sites and get some sweet money rolling in.

After knowing him for 10 years and never seeing him unshaven or not well dressed his decline was swift the say the least.
He had to make money for the company and he wasnt performing after decades of being a high flyer in his previous companys.
One day I went to see him and he had 6 days beard growth and looked like a homeless bum with scruffy clothes on.
After years of wanting to live the dream he suddenly realised it was all a crock of shit and he was too busy grinding at the computer trying to pay the bills, so he couldnt do anything he wanted.
Kinda like the cartoon Matt Inman did about the reality of working at home.

The reason I missed yesterdays post is I slept about 4 hours and woke up unexpectedly, so all day I havent been on top form.
The computer sat near me but the best I could do was piss about on my phone today. A phone is like a computer now so I managed to get a bit of work done (if replying to a couple of emails is work) but nothing of note.

As a Director of a company you have a responsibility to maximise the earnings of your company.
You can take this as literal as you want, but going fishing through the day and going shopping with the wife dosent really fit in with that ethos.
responsibility as a director


The images on the site are screwed up so if you are reading on a mobile that says;

"The duties are: To promote the long-term success of the company (rather than the interests of, say, the majority shareholder). To act within the company's constitution and powers, ie only do things the company is authorised to do, and that they, thedirectors, have power to do (rather than the shareholders)."

What exactly does that mean? As a driven ambitious person does it mean you should work the day instead of going to see your kids at sports day?

Getting the work life balance is extremely hard and the longer you do it the more difficult it is.
I tried to have it where i had an amazing work life balance and I spent more time doing stuff away from work than I did working which is what they say you should do.

But sometimes you need to sit down and grind at your computer for a few days or a few weeks getting some serious work done.
I was talking to a buddy of mine who is hardcore ppc and when we were chatting he said he hasnt left the house for 3 weeks because he has been in his home office trying to get his new ppc campaigns to break even.
This is not some newb we are talking about but a guy who does well over 5million a year in profit just from one affiliate product.

See this brings me to something and its quite current for me.
I want a Bentley.
Last night I went to a website and printed out the one I want to stick on the wall.
The only problem is I dont quite have the money to buy one at the moment and I am not one to do finance or credit.
I mean I really really want one and I am going to start test driving them.

I tried working less a while back and having more of a work life balance.
Looking back I wasted so much goddam time that if just maybe I had worked harder and focused harder I would be in a position to go and buy one now.

This is why although it dosent seem like a big deal that I missed a day writing it is.
Its a marker, an indicator and a sign of what I do.
It is a huge deal to me.

Just stick with me while I go through a life journey to get the consistency. When I do its often quite a wild ride

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