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Consolidating and creating one location for Syndk8

Over the years I have blogged on various different places and for one reason or another the blog site has been killed.
Maybe my post went too mainstream or maybe I just generally got myself in trouble for saying something I probably shouldnt have so there is quite a few domains I have kicking about.

All those domains now redirect to syndk8.co.uk
earlgrey.mobi which I blogged on a little is now a redirect to https://earlgrey.syndk8.co.uk/
earlofgrey.com which I blogged on a lot is a redirect to https://earlgrey.syndk8.co.uk/

Syndk8.com redirects to syndk8.co.uk
Syndk8.net which was the origional domain i got in 2005 redirects to syndk8.co.uk

My Syndk8 Gibraltar company site for Syndk8 Media has moved from being a seperate site to just a folder now.
Much easier to deal with so www.syndk8media.com now goes to https://www.syndk8.co.uk/syndk8-media/

There is also the fact that now they have Trump as president there is a chance he could hand over the USA domain name system to one of his friends or just do something that breaks it when he dosent get his own way.
Better to keep the site under nominet which is a pain in the butt but better than any shit in the USA.

In the future all my personal blogging stuff will be here on the Earl Grey Blog and my company stuff or posts with actual use or substance will be on my Digital Marketing Digest with all the rest in the now moved to the .co.uk forum or twitter.

we will see what happens

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