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Its not getting better with volume

Some people look at the youtube people with lots of followers and the bloggers living these what look like fantastic lifestyles.

I look at them like wretches in the poor house having to constantly deliver day after day hour after hour.

In my opinion anything that you need to keep maintaining and consistent to just keep momentum is pretty bad because of the amount of pressure it puts on you.
Often the only pressure we have in our business or life is what we put on ourselves and some people do try and over-achieve but others maybe can get a balance eventually.

I tried to do a post every day like some people I have seen. Yesterday I had a kind of blank mind and just wanted to piss about watching old movies from the 80's while I played with some cloaking.

I underdelivered on a post because I was just trying to think of something that piqued my interest that day because not a lot did.
My idea of do a lot of it and you will become better maybe isnt the best one.
I can only tell some anecdotes and talk about things that happened years ago before I run out of stuff.

Its good I only get 10 regular visitors because there is no pressure at all only what i put on myself and because I dont care so much there is minimal pressure.

It did take me 4 days of writing and researching to do a real high quality post when i was blogging back in 2008. These were the most satisfying. This is what I think I shall do in the future.

So the momentum has been started and unlike some of my past blogs that I even forgot I owned then just maybe I will keep this going without having to post and be a slave every day.


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