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Keeping your distance from parasites

For some people this post will be absolutley spot on and they will know exactly what I mean.
If the post dosent push any of your buttons and its never applied to you then just keep it in mind because a time may come when you need to use some of the info or refer to it.

When you are just working away on your sites minding your own business and making a few dollars you will just be there and nobody will pay attention to you. This is a good thing and you fly under the radar.

If you suddenly start banking cash or become extremely visible on the internet you will get parasites come out of the woodwork befriending you.
They will be very subtle and share a few things with you to get your trust but they are purely in it for their own gain and what they can get out of you.
This is of course how the business world works in many ways but its still something you need to be aware of because when they have got what they want or you are no use they will be off like a shot and parasiting onto someone else.

Many years ago I had a parasite wanted in on my software business.
We were banking hard and had quite a high profile at the time. I had done it a few times and had a high profile before but my partner had always been an invisible nobody on the internet.
He had no idea what was happening and I was warning him over and over to keep the parasite at a distance but the parasite was such a good coder and so helpful he kept managing to slip in and get access to various parts of the business.

I had to keep on high alert all the time because it was obvious to me pretty much from the start but he even went to the length of going on holiday from Germany to Switzerland to get in deeper with my coder.
He was actually trying to get in with me, but I cut him off every time and he had to find a back door to be close to me.

Parasites will try and leach off your popularity, steal your ip, get close to everyone around you and generally try and suck as much as possible.

It can be very hard to seperate a friendly person that just wants ot get to know you from a self serving parasite and you need to of course give people a chance, but keep in the back of your mind that they could be just in it for what they can get.

If you exclude everyone from your life in case they are a parasite you will be very lonely so be careful how you handle it. Many people are very good and you will create some amazing lifelong relationships on the internet. Just remember there is also some self serving people out that dont give a shit about you.

Added an edit: I just realised my most trusted friends I still unconditionally trust on the internet are ones I met when I was poor and had nothing. Irishwonder, SeoIdiot, Wit, Gimpy, Octopus, Slobodon, Perkifag ect

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