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My experience with starting vaping instead of smoking

tldr: I said what should I blog about?
Maybe people could learn from my 15 years of experience of Internet Marketing.

Dallan is a certified vape bore and will argue about vaping day and night.

He suggested a post about vaping.
Here is a kind of half hearted ramble about me starting vaping. I cant be bothered speelchecking it and i was going to put some pictures in it but i cant be bothered finding them.

Its kind of a ramble that makes no sense, but it does as the daily quota of posts.

Many years ago I stupidly started smoking. All the cool kids were smoking so of course I started smoking.

It started off smoking just on an evening when we were down at the park drinking cider, but then when I started working in a boring job I would smoke through the day.

Stupid is as stupid does.

When you are working in manual jobs like i did as an Engineer and then a Joiner you get the exercise to mitigate the effects somewhat.
Now we are living in a nation full of shopkeepers, digital keyboard warriers, administration people and functionarys there is a lot of sitting on your fat ass typing away at a keyboard like some trained monkey.

I always said I liked smoking and I did but looking back I cant see what I enjoyed about it. Lots of people say to me they enjoy smoking.
Whats to enjoy? Stood outside in the cold because its turned into an anti social thing. Couging? spitting up shite?

I was coughing like an asmhatic pit pony and something had to be done.
My breathing was terrible and I knew it was killing me.
I always smelled horrible and there was ash all over the balcony.
It was a pain in the ass going to get smokes or finding cash to go and buy some smokes.
Its only 1.95gip for a pack of smokes in Gibraltar but 5 euors in Spain and fucken 7.50gbp in in UK so of course I smoked more when I was in Gibraltar or around it. It seems a shame not to smoke when there is no taxes on the smokes.

And then people started vaping which seemed wierd because having this big fat thing in their mouth looked like they were sucking on a big fat dick.

Possibly because smoking gave me acid reflux I would have a cup of tea, a sandwich and then a smoke.
I maybe had the sandwich because it kept the acid down but I did it without realising.
So of course I was a bit of a fat bastard as well.

I started vaping and I absolutely hated it. The taste made me sick and I got stomach ache.
At first when I started I was thinking I needed to stop smoking so i stopped buying cigarettes and just vaping.
I was dizzy and felt horrible to the point of I would just grab my ecigarette and smash it on the desk into a million pieces and go and buy a pack of smokes.

Of course I understand addiction and have beaten addictions before. As the owner of the worlds leading addiction treatment affiliate program I tend to know a hell of a lot about addiction, so I knew what i was going to be going through again.

People can beat an opiate addiction such as heroin and still continue smoking and never be able to stop smoking.

Some research shows a link between mental health issues and smoking. It is unknown what the link is but smoking either calms psychotic episodes or creates the ideal conditions for a psychotic episode.
Now if smoking calmed it or stopped psychotic stuff there would be lots of vapers and ex smokers suddenly with mental health issues. The truth is there just isnt. There is no link between vaping and mental health issues and no link between stopping smoking and mental health issues surfacing.
I am not a doctor and I just have a deep interest in addictions so I am unqualified to make links so make what you want of what I just said and if you are interesed do your own research.

Over the course of a year I stopped and started vaping loads of times but each time I vaped for longer.
I must have tried 50 different flavours of vape by buying them or testing them in my local vape shop.

Finally I found a vape liquid I could tolerate. link here
This time I decided to try and smoke and vape at the same time without trying to stop smoing or really trying to do anything drastic.
It was more about extending the time between cigarettes by filling those times with vaping.

Eventually I was vaping longer and smoking less and it got down to the point of just smoking less.
I would still have a cigarette on a morning, one maybe at lunch and then one at night but that was pretty much it. When I went anywhere in the car i would no longer have one before i got into the car and no longer have one as soon as the journey ended.

The one thing I had to do is avoid the cafes and bars around me and just stayed away from smokers until the point the smoking smell turned horrible.
For a while I would see cigarette buts on the floor and they actually looked like they would be good to smoke. How disgusting is that? vile.

Of course because I was no longer smoking as much I was no longer eating the sandwich and having the cup of tea. The vaping made my mouth taste like I had been licking a cat so I was drinking loads of water to keep the manky taste out of my mouth.
My skin got nicer because of the rehydration and the crap I was coughing up turned from speckled with black shit to very slowly getting cleaner and cleaner.
I read that salty air is good for you so I decided to go fishing for at least 3 hours every day whenever possible. I wouldn't take my cigarettes and I would just vape on the rocks while I was fishing.

I went from acid reflux and coughing my guts up, getting out of breath and having dodgy skin to soft skin from drinking loads of water, eating freshly caught fish and breathing lovely. All because I took up vaping.

I went from 12mg nicotine to 6mg, then to 3mg and now i have 0mg with drops of 3mg in it.
Sooner or later I will just stop vaping and breath fresh air.

I am thinner and healthier. Vaping possibly saved my life.

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