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The pains of rebuilding a blog audience in 2017

You will often find me talking about the past.
Although I rely on the past so much dont make the mistake that I am stuck there and I often joke about 1990 being a good year, but there was nothing good about the good old days.
I believe in looking at the past to try not the make the same mistakes or look at what people did years ago to copy and bring back for a new generation.

Back in 2006, not so much 2007 but definitely 2008 my blogging was consistent and I would have something to say every day.
There wasnt so much noise on the internet back then with more readers than publishers.
Facebook wasnt really much and Twitter barely existed. Some people were using Orkut, Bebo, Myspace and Friendster but it was more about independent bloggers using blogspot, the newly popular wordpress and even Livejournal.

There is a story I read about a guy from Turkey or Tunisia that had the no.1 political blog but I cant remember his name. His blogroll down the side of his site linked to hundreds of political bloggers and in turn they all linked to him.
When a newspaper or a tv show needed to know something political they contacted him because he was the authority. He was pushing massive amounts of traffic and had many visitors to his site hourly.
He got arrested for his cause and was put in prison as a political prisoner.
One thing that kept him going was the misguided thought that the blogging revolution was continuing.
When he came out of prison 5, 6 or 7 years later he was astounded that pretty much every site that was linked from his blogroll had gone and they were all either publishing watered down stuff on Facebook or probably playing Farmville. He just couldnt understand how everyone had abandoned their independent uncensored digital homes to live in a moderated, monitored and censored walled garden.
Everything he went to prison for and everything he lives and breathed for only lives on in the wayback archives as a reminder of how it was before we handed away control.

It has to be said thats its easier to give birth to new life than it is to raise the dead which I very much agree with in some cases, but I am not ready to give up on this site, the blogging that I did and just the general old school publishing your thoughts in a journal.

This time round though it will probabably be a lot harder to build up my audience, but this time I am not doing it for that reason. This time I am doing it because sometimes just writing a blog helps you think out different ideas.

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