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Using free chocolate to sell office supplies

Imagine you sell office supplies.
Now imagine there is either an office supplies manager in a company or just a secretary that orders the office stuff.

You need to be not just be connecting with the buyer and decision maker but differentiating yourself from the competition.
Your company can say they do the fastest delivery with the best prices and have the most comprehensive range, but does some underpaid part time 0 hours secretary really need your sales pitch and does she really care? I say not so much.

This relates to the post about not having to sell benefits of your product from the other day.

In the UK many years ago although I don't know now, If you ordered some stuff from a place like Viking Direct you only needed to order one thing and what felt like every day you would get a brochure through the door.

You need to make it appealing so people will shop with you.
Imagine your typical receptionist of a smaller company.
Lets say they are a 45 year old woman.
They have 2 kids about 12 that are in school.
They long since stopped having the body from their teen years and are happy to have that few extra pounds round their hips if it means they can indulge their love of sticky buns and cream cakes.

Cash back for employees and kick backs are frowned upon in the so called first world country's even though they happen all the time and sometimes you need to do them just to do business.

Every secretary like chocolate.
Just add a box of chocolates with an overpriced but needed product and they will do the entire order with you.

Chances are the person that orders will get the package so they will be able to slip the box of chocolates behind reception and sit stuffing their face with them.

I really need to fix the images but only 10 people a day visit the site. Will worry about that another day.

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