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You dont always need to promote your business by selling the benefits

Think about the Michelin stars a restaurant gets.
https://www.viamichelin.co.uk/web/Restaurants (opens in a new window)

Michelin is a tyre company and they were one of the first.
When people started buying cars they needed tyres.
They weren't using many tyres and they needed to do something with their new bought cars.
Michelin created a restaurant guide and assigned the restaurants stars.
On a weekend you could get in your car and drive to a Michelin starred restaurant and sample some delights in another state or county.
Of course the Michelin name was there but you also drove more so you needed to buy more tyres.
They didn't sell their tyres by saying they had the best tyres, the best rubber and the best grip.
What made michelin a household name was their guide.

Apparently McDonalds wasn't a big thing until they put toys in children's meals.
When my daughter wants food when we are out she wants to go to McDonalds because she gets a troll in her happy meal.
If it was up to me she wouldn't go anywhere near a vile greasy fast food restaurant but her aunt takes her.
They say that when McDonalds put the toy in the meal it completely transformed sales.

Compare the Market don't say they give the best deals. They say get a policy and we give you a stuffed toy.
They have built an entire marketing campaign based on the fact that there is a Meerkat toy.

Guinness Book of Records and many others use the back door to get their brand in front of people and sell their product. The Guinness Book of Records started when the owner of the Guinness brewery couldn't settle an argument about who broke a record so they compiled a book so people could settle arguments in the pub while they were enjoying a Guinness.

When we are trying to promote our business for Loans or Rehab or Viagra we immediately sell the benefits and features. That's what we know and that's classicly what we all learned.

I don't normally think about it but I suddenly had to when I was thinking about writing this post.

Over the next week have a look round at some marketing campaigns and see how they are promoting them. See if they are selling the benefits of the product or service or see if they are doing something completely unrelated like giving you a stuffed toy if you buy their shit.

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